Nowadays, I visually eat up anything that has to do with creative office studio spaces. Today I ran across a post about a small structure that I fell in love with and basically made me wish I had a space like this for myself. Sitting at the edge of a pond and nested just along a tall treeline sits what seems to be a small shade house. At first glance, the structure appears to be like any other small shade structure. Once you take a close look, however, you’ll find something amazing.

With no formal architectural training, a young man by the name of Casper Schols has created something that is inspirational and  functional for his mother in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Schol’s mom asked him to create a space for her to throw dining parties, paint and have live plays with her grandchildren. To achieve this on such a small footing, Schols moved past conventional design by separating the beams from the outer wall and roof. Using sheets of glass cladding to cover the beams, Schols placed the now separate structures on a series of independent track systems, allowing them to be extended or retracted. Schols indeed achieved the functionality his mother was looking to have. If you have ever played with a Russian doll, or a pirate telescope, you’ll have some idea of his concept. This is what would be a visual artist’s dream studio, well at least it is for me.

During the winter times, the structure can be completely closed, allowing the outer part of the floor to turn into two decks, which flank both sides of the building. To add more privacy in the interior of the structure, Schol developed a secondary wall which also sits on a track system. This privacy wall can be pushed to divide the room at any size.

What I find to be the most captivating is that during the summer the glass shell can be separated to allow the outdoors into the living space, thus creating a space for the grandchildren to put on their outdoor plays. What a great way to spark a child’s imagination. Overall, Schol’s innovative approach shows me that even the structure in which we create to work in can also have many different ways to function and foster creativity in ourselves and others around us.

Vince B is a Design Lead and lover of healthy foods.

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