As a designer, I have appreciation for all aspects of creativity, both within the location based entertainment industry and beyond. A common theme to my blog posts here at RHETROACTIVE will be inspired by innovative Food & Beverage concepts that I find throughout the web. There is no doubt that food is one of the solidifying factors that defines the experience of how someone remember’s their visit to a social gathering,  birthday dinner, or to a theme park. As a designer in the creative space of theme-park building, I am always enthusiastic when I find creative nuggets like these in the most unsuspecting of places. Scrolling through Pinterest (a site I rarely go on) I stumbled upon a very interesting sculpt. It was Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons, needless to say I’m a Simpsons fan and that’s apart of why it grabbed my attention, however looking further into it I realized it was a CAKE! And here is another fun fact, I love extreme cake decorating; so this just made me geek out. It was a cake made for a competition called Threadcakes, in this competition graphic designers from Thredless (graphic t shirt company) create illustrations that cake artist choose to turn into (you guessed it) a cake.

The company responsible for the cake “Cut Out Ralph” are Letter Press Bakery, located in Vancouver Canada. Looking at their work, I just felt like they seem to always take the extra mile when it came to the finishing touches. Seeing the process of how they cooked him up and assembled him was entertaining. Considering that their designs didn’t just exist on his exterior but his interior to was very impressive! They used strawberry cake for the brain, layered red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting for the ribs. Not only was it visually pleasing but I could imagine it being pretty tasty as well. Letter Press Bakery seems like a company that has fun doing what they do, and I believe that’s why they do it so well. As a Simpsons fan I say “WOOHOOO!”

Danielle is an associate designer at RHETROACTIVE, who enjoys the process of creativity and is an advocate of art.

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